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About CGU Alumni

CGU Alumni

There are more than 29,000 CGU alumni all over the world. Alumni contacts serve as an important bridge between CGU alumni and their alma mater. The alumni associations work to aid the continued development of CGU. Assistance includes donations to build new campus buildings and facilities, the establishment of scholarship funds, sponsorship of academic symposia, donations of books and equipment and the holding of alumni forums to share their experience with current CGU students. 

In addition ,the CGU alumni serve has Facebook Fans page been set up and e-newsletters are regularly sent out to keep alumni up to date on CGU's development, as well as the honors and achievements of their fellow alumni.

In order to encourage and recognize the outstanding achievements of alumni and to provide an example for existing students, CGU has selected candidates for outstanding alumni awards every year since 2003. The winners of the past come from the various industries and fields they contribute, and they show the spirit of the motto that represents the "diligent, perseverant, frugal, and trustworthy"of the university.